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Pubg aimbot config file

Best Pubg aimbot config file download in 2024

PUBG Aimbot Config File Download: Friends, in today’s article we will tell you about PUBG Mobile Aimbot Config File and you can use it in your PUBG main account. This config file is like the auto headshot config file. In this config file we have given the features of high damage and auto headshot. You can download this config file for free. This config file is absolutely anti-ban. You can add this config file to your main ID. There are three features in the config file: Auto Headshot, High Damage and Aimbot. If you just want to download the auto headshot config file then click here.

In the post, we have explained in detail what is PUBG aimbot config file, and how to download it. Additionally, the method of setting up the aimbot config file is also explained. So, read the post carefully so that there is no worry in setting the config file. Furthermore, in this post, we have given the download link of PUBG Mobile Aimbot Config File. By clicking on the link, you can directly download the PUBG config file via MediaFire.

What is pubg aimbot config file?

Friends, do you know what is PUBG Aimbot config file? Additionally, a hacker created this config file as a script. Furthermore, the hacker enabled features like auto headshot, aimbot, lag fix, and magic bullet by modifying the game’s coding. Consequently, this config file is sold for some money. However, you can download PUBG Aimbot config file for free from here. By using Aimbot config, your aim increases significantly, which we call Aimbot, due to this the enemy gets shot directly on the head and he is killed in one shot.

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Pubg aimbot config file features

Friends, now let’s talk about what benefits you will get by using Aimbot config, then I want to tell you that when you use this Aimbot config, you get many benefits, after this your headshot rate will increase a lot. In this you get 40% more high damage due to which the enemy is knocked out quickly in the game. Apart from this, you also get anti-ban features in it. Therefore this Aimbot config file is a completely safe config file. Below we have given points about the features of this configuration file.

  • Aimbot
  • Auto headshot
  • 40% High damage
  • Anti-ban
  • Long Range Kill

Is this Aimbot config file safe or not?

Now many people will have a question in their mind whether this aimbot config file is anti-ban or not? So let me tell you that this config file is 100% anti-ban. But we recommend you to play in Guest ID because in Guest ID you remain completely safe, you do not face any problem or difference.

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Download Pubg aimbot config file

Best Pubg aimbot config file download
Pubg aimbot config file
GamePubg mobile
40% High damage
file formatZIP
File passwordAIM5050
config file details

How to Download PUBG Config File: To download PUBG Aimbot Config File you just need to click on SUBSCRIBE TO UNLOCK button. Also, when you return after subscribing to the channel, the button to download the config file will open.

Pubg config file set up

download the config file first : You just need to click on the button above to download the pubg config file. Then the pubg auto headshot config file will be downloaded.

Install the zarchiver app : Install the zarchiver app. Then select the file and click on extract here.  file password is AIM5050

Pubg Aimbot config file extract here
Pubg Aimbot config file extract here

copy this folder : After the file is extracted, you have to copy the folder named UE4Game

Pubg Aimbot config file set up
Pubg Aimbot config file set up

Paste the copy folder here : Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files < paste here

First, do not make any mistake while pasting the folder. Additionally, otherwise the config file won’t work. After following these steps, you will have to restart the game. Finally, headshots will start happening in your game too.

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We saw in the post What is PUBG Aimbot Config File? Features of PUBG Aimbot Config File, Is this PUBG Aimbot Config File Safe or Not?, How to Download PUBG Aimbot Config File. And lastly let us know how to set PUBG Aimbot config file. If you have not understood anything then you can comment to us. And follow us to get more configuration files related to PUBG Mobile.

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