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Best Farlight 84 config file

Download Best Farlight 84 config file in 2024

Farlight 84 is a fast-paced hero battle royale game that sees 59 players drop into a massive Isle City map, where they must search for weapons and equipment, use their unique hero abilities, and fight to survive. Farlight 84 game is exactly like Free Fire, PUBG and Call of Duty. Just like there are Free Fire config files, PUBG config files and Call of Duty config files, similarly we have brought Farlight 84 config file. We have brought you new Farlight 84 configuration file. In this post we have brought for you the new best Farlight 84 config file. You can download the best farlight 84 configuration file through this post.

By the way, Farlight 84 has many config files like Auto Headshot, Aimbot, Lag Fix, No Recoil, I Pad View, 90FPS, and High Damage. We have explained everything in detail in this post What is Farlight 84 Config File? How to download Farlight 84 config file. At last we have explained the method of setting the config file and the features of the config file. We have given here the MediaFire link for download Farlight 84 config file.

Farlight 84 config file

Actually Farlight 84 config file is a script file which has been created by the hacker in the form of coding. As soon as you copy this file and paste it in the file folder of the game, this file enables hack features like Auto Headshot, Aimbot, No Recoil in the game. Which we know as Farlight 84 Auto Headshot Config File, or Farlight 84 Aimbot Config File.

In this post we have given you the link of Best Farlight 84 auto headshot config file.

Farlight 84 config file features

The hacker enables the features by coding in the config file. In this config file we have enabled features like auto headshot and aimbot. In this config file your aim increases a lot. With this your aim gets stuck directly on the enemy’s body. In this config file you get the features of auto headshot, aimbot, long range, and working all devices.

Is this Aimbot config file safe or not?

Now you would like to know whether this config file is anti-bun or not. So let me tell you that if any config file is against the rules of the game then the developers can ban that user. If you want to play with this config file then you should play with guest ID and small ID so that your main account remains safe. If you still play the game with your main account and your ID is banned, the full responsibility will be yours.

Download Farlight 84 config file

Download Best Farlight 84 config file in 2024
Best Farlight 84 config file

How to Download PUBG Config File: To download Farlight 84 Auto headshot-Aimbot Config File you just need to click on SUBSCRIBE TO UNLOCK button. Also, when you return after subscribing to the channel, the button to download the config file will open.

GameFarlight 84
Auto headshot
file formatZIP
File passwordFAR84
config file details

Config file set up

  1. download the config file first : You just need to click on the button above to download the Farlight 84 config file. Then the Farlight 84 auto headshot config file will be downloaded.
  2. Install the zarchiver app : Install the zarchiver app. Then select the file and click on extract here.  file password is FAR84
  3. copy this folder : After the file is extracted, you have to copy the folder named UE4Game
  4. Paste the copy folder here : Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files < paste here

First of all, do not make any mistake while pasting the folder. Additionally, otherwise the config file will not work. After following these steps you will have to restart the game. Eventually, headshots will start happening in your game too.


So friends, in the post you learned about Farlite 84 config file, Farlite 84 config file feature, Is this aimbot config file safe or not?, How to download Farlite 84 config file and set up config file. If you are facing any problem in setup or downloading the config file then please comment us. We will tell you the solution to your problem as soon as possible.

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